A Brave New World…

Super Adventure Mega Quest is an ambitious new game that’s looking to dynamically change the portable gaming market.

Jumping for Joy

In making this game we wanted not only to bring a definitive platformer to the touch screen, but also highlight the history of gaming in a singular experience.

A New Way of Thinking

The brilliance of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros was their perfect controls. With only two buttons, they managed to revolutionize gaming forever.

We’ve applied the same concept to our programming. While your grandmother could pick up and play the game, it will take many hours to become a master.

New Dpadless Contols

This is made possible with our new control scheme we’ve named ‘D-Padless‘.

By tapping on the left side of the screen the player can change directions, and by tapping on the right the player can jump or double jump.


Simple and easy to learn, SAMQ’s precision controls cater to both casual and hardcore gamers.

The Old Meets The New

Rock solid controls are one thing, but SAMQ is also revolutionary for another reason. Looking to pay tribute to the history of video games while bridging the gap into the next generation, SAMQ combines the graphics of multiple systems into a single experience.

Powering up from 1-bit to 8-bit

Powering up from 1-bit to 8-bit

Every level begins looking like a good ‘ol fashioned monochrome Gameboy game. Once you collect a power up heart the game upgrades dynamically in front of you into 8-bit NES graphics. Following a second power up it changes into 16-bit.

1-bit Running Around

1-bit Running Around

8-bit NES glory

8-bit NES glory

Shooting those fireballs

Shooting those fireballs

Finally after collecting that final and most important heart, the graphics upgrade to full HD.

The most interesting part of this graphical shift is that certain secrets and items will only be able to be found in a certain graphic set. Meaning you could replay the level in 8-bit graphics and find a unique secret key, and then have to upgrade again to 16-bit to find its door.

Burning fury of full HD fireballs

Burning fury of full HD fireballs

The power ups also dynamically change the music from simple chip tunes to full blown EDM productions. The soundtrack is another story altogether, and we’d love to tell you more…


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